Sunday, July 1, 2012

Customers Video Review of the DM 145 Watt Solar Panel

One of the members at The Do It Yourself Solar Energy Forum posted this great video review for the 145 watt solar panel that is all the rage online right now. The panel seems to be meeting all factory specs. and does have a sturdy frame so it looks like it will hold up to bad weather conditions for years to come.

Good news since this is the best deal we have ever seen on solar panels being sold to the general public. These kind of prices are making the professional installers groan since this is wholesale to the public or better.

So if you have been thinking of getting started making your own solar energy now is the time. And if you need help getting started just visit the guys and gals [yes, lot's of ladies over at the site] at the DIY Solar Energy Forum and they'll help you get started and help you pick out the rest of your parts.

Here's the link to pick up some of the 145 watt solar panels for just $160 includes free shipping

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