Monday, May 24, 2010

1920 Milburn Electric Car, $1,000 with 100 Mile Range

This is Tom Henry's 1920 Milburn that he keeps at his Electrical Code instruction facility. In Tom's words: since I'm an electrician, I figured I needed to have an electric car!

If you think that Better Place invented the battery swapping idea, you're wrong. The Milburn features the convenience of an exchangeable battery, albeit in a much less automated manner than the Better Place model. In addition, the 100 mile range of many current EVs certainly doesn't show much progress considering that the Milburn claimed identical numbers. Price is one area where the current crop of EVs outshine many of the oldies.

Basic Stats: 100 miles on a charge new, swappable batteries, Top Speed: 20. It was one of the first cars that women could drive because you didn't have to hand crank it to start.

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