Thursday, August 6, 2009

Future of Electric Vehicles

eTEC CEO Jonathan Read on what we can expect form the ultimate eCars in the near future.


MonkeyPower said...

Free electricity from the charging stations? An interesting idea but I think the only way retailers would jump on it is if there is a way to offset the cost. Not to be negative, but things are only free when the trade off works in favor of the retailers. But, strange things do happen and I must admit, I have seen charging stations partially powered by solar power.

Hopefully, if the batteries are interchangeable, maybe one can carry a spare? It's not that far fetched. As micro battery technology continue to advance, it is a possible option. One I think the car companios are already exploring.

Renewable Ray said...

I had the same thoughts about retailers, but maybe it could turn into a pay station. People would gladly pay for it to extend their range. And maybe the retailers could pass along the industrial rate [less than residential] and it would most likely be tax free, unlike your home electricity. Realistically it would be pennies on your debit card for the short length of time you would be inside the store.