Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bloom Energy Unveils “Miraculous” Micro Power Plant

Bloom Energy claims that its new power plant is capable of producing cheap emission-free energy by combining oxygen with natural gas, propane, biofuels, or diesel. It does this without combustion through a chemical reaction that utilizes stacks of ceramic discs coated with special green and black “ink” interspersed with metal plates made from a cheap alloy. Current commercial units are expected to sell for $700,000 to $800,000, although plans have been announced for a $3,000 home unit down the line.

The Bloom Box may represent a breakthrough in grid-free clean energy, but only if it’s able to cheaply and efficiently produce power with little waste, a difficult proposition. In order for it to be considered a truly “clean” technology the device will also require a steady supply of biofuels. What do you think – will the device live up to its staggering expectations, or is this box powered by hype? Sound off in the comments!

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