Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jackie Eco....Let's Get Angry, Inspired and Motivated!

Jackie Eco just reminded me, there is nothing new about renewable and alternative energy.....

NOW is a KEY moment that we learn about and PUSH for CLEAN ENERGY - something we ALL want and need. Please note that bird and bat friendly wind turbines are currently being used successfully. While this disaster is in the public's eye, let's make the most of it. Instead of being depressed about the Gulf Gush, let's get ANGRY, INSPIRED AND MOTIVATED!!! Once we globally SWITCH to clean energy, there will never be another oil spill again!!! CLEAN ENERGY NOW!!! CLEAN ENERGY NOW!!! CLEAN ENERGY NOW!!!
Jackie Eco

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RCEng said...

I think you are right, no oil spillage will occur in a renewables-based economy. After all, all we need is political will. It is proven that renewable technologies can be implemented for the benefit of the earth, hence for our own benefit. I need to unite efforts to reject the poisonous sacrosanct 'western living-standards' that damage our environment and put in risk the future generation.