Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cape Wind Moves Forward

After nine years, countless reviews, and two administrations the the Cape Wind Project gets the green light from the White House. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar approved the plan for the country's first offshore farm, but as Clean Skies News' Lee Patrick Sullivan reports, the fight is still not over.

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Ron Huber said...

Sadly, what Cape Wind illustrates is "Dumb Growth" To look for "Smart Growth" of renewable ocean energy, look downeast to Maine, whose Legislature & Governor wisely bowed to the economic primacy of the lobstermen, scallopers, shrimpers and thousands of tourism-related businesses that make up the Dawn State's coastal economy.

In Maine, ocean energy producers are allowed to build prototype wind & wave systems, test them at quarter scale and less, then build full sized floating ocean energy facilities to be taken 20 to 30 miles offshore, where the real offshore winds make a mockery of Cape Wind's puny breezes.

No conflict with 99% of Maine lobstermen and other fisheries in state OR federal waters. No flick-flick-flicker fouling the horizon from the rental camps and cottages, no rumba-dumba-rumba infrasound roiling tourists' innards.
The University of Maine says the new superconductor transmission cables for these 'distant water windfarms' are up to the task.

So, if you are a coastal state, don't clutter your nearshore waters with windpower generators. Always send windmill wannabes over the horizon, where the big wind is.