Friday, September 18, 2009

Start Up Banks on Dye Solar Panels

It may take a dash of color to create cheap solar energy.

At least according to Israeli start up 3GSolar, who say they have developed the world's first commercial size solar energy system that uses colored dyes to turn sunlight into electricity.

Dye sensitized solar cells are gaining momentum in the multi-billion dollar renewable energy market due to lower costs and their ability to create electricity in cloudy areas.

3GSolar says their first system will hit the market in two years years.


Vinay Rai said...

With renewable sources getting depleted day by day, we have to look at alternatives. If we start now then we can first develop technology to use solar energy and then think about reducing costs involved.

Renewable Ray said...

We should take for granted that all new technologies will be more expensive at first. With government money you can bet it will be even more.

Matt said...

I have heard of using dyes for solar energy, though it was associated with a co in Ohio. The more the merrier!

Renewable Ray said...

reminds me that even years ago I felt that by the time we really got solar energy going that photo voltaics would be obsolete. This is just an example. Wouldn't be great if we could come up with a panel style technology that the material used did not have to be mined. Right now just building the panels might be worse then burning fossil fuels. I have faith though, we'll work it out!