Saturday, May 29, 2010

Solar Power Meets Consumer Power

San Francisco based company One Block Off the Grid is using consumer power to make installing solar power easier, cheaper and more streamlined.'s Brooke Sopelsa has the story.

Sundance 80 Watt Do It Yourself Solar Energy Kit



Steve said...

Hello. I was wondering if you would consider a link exchange. I have 2 solar sites (both with good PR).

Ray @ New World Solar said...

Sure, as long as they are "green living" oriented. What are your sites?

Please use for my exchange link and if you want to do two also use this one

Steve said...

Thanks for getting back to me. I can link to this site from (PR3)and to your other site from (PR4). In return, would you mind linking to solarlightssite from this site and easysolarlighting from your other one? That gives us a 4 way trade.

Ray @ New World Solar said...

Sounds good, I' get to work on it.

Steve said...

Coolness. yours are up.