Friday, May 20, 2011

Take a Video Tour of the Cube Micro House

Reducing our carbon and energy footprint is the foundation of living green, and Dr. Mike Page of the University of Hertfordshire in England has pioneered the design of a minuscule living space that does just that. It's referred to simply as The Cube, and includes all the comforts of a modern dwelling, including dining area, kitchen, shower, and double sized bed.

The entire home exists within a 10' by 10' footprint and is large enough to comfortably suit a single individual, or "two friendly people," according to Page. The diminutive dwelling is completely self sufficient in terms of electricity, using massive solar panels to suck up enough juice to power the home's creature comforts.

The video above does a good job detailing the Cube's features, but if you'd like to take your own tour, you can check out this 360 degree panorama as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that the energy saving getaway will be built to order, but you can obtain a full list of materials used and supply vendors on the project home page, if you feel like building one yourself.

A tour of the Cube from Mike Page on Vimeo.

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